VizTools Introduces new product concepts at NAB 2015 and Seeks Manufacturing Partner

At NAB 2015 VizTools is introducing several new product concepts in support of DSLR cameras used in video applications. 


First there is a new concept in 15mm rails with a tracking design that allows an upper and lower crossover, such that a camera mounted above, may be slid over a tripod mount or shoulder pad attached below the rail, so that something may be moved front to back without detaching and reattaching. Until now, nothing mounted on 15mm rails could be passed over anything else. You had to remove the part you wanted to put on the other side and then re-attach it again. This new design eliminates that whole sequence of steps. In addition, this feature will make it possible to achieve a perfect balance.


To accomplish this, there is an indentation, or tracking groove, on the inside of the 15mm rails that is used by the tripod mount and the camera plate mount, to provide a guide, thus allowing the two to move past each other over the same portion of the rail.


For the quick release tripod mount, there are cams that may be rotated to lock the mount at a particular position along the rails, or when rotated in the opposite direction, the mount may slide along the grooves in the rails, and the cams keep the mount from falling off the rails since the cams remain in the groove. Once the desired new location is chosen a lever is moved to rotate the cams so that they now lock into the groove and thus lock the tripod mount in position.


In addition there is a Shoulder Pad that uses the same quick release mechanism and thus operates in the same way as the tripod mount. The two are interchangeable on the underside of the rails.


In another new product concept, there is a large, molded, handgrip and strap that attaches VizTools new camera base plates, allowing comfortable camera positioning and shooting.


Additionally, VizTools is showing a second handle type, this one with finger indents and a hollow center, molded to accept a camera remote control. In the prototype’s they have developed, it accepts the remote control for the Panasonic GH4. This handle can be used alone and positioned to hold the camera, or used in combination with a second handle for the other hand.


There is also a frame designed to hold two handles with a clamp for mounting on 15mm rails. This product concept would provide two handles on opposite sides of the 15mm rails where the cameraman could use the handles to steady and stabilize the camera during shooting.


There are a series of 3 camera base plates with cut outs for the camera battery doors and mounting holes for an accessory HDMI cable mount, one for the Canon 5D MKII and MKIII; another for the Panasonic GH4; and a third for the Sony A7 and A7s.


All of the camera base plates have a ¼”-20 hole tapped on the left side to accommodate a monitor swivel mount for use in video applications.


There are a series of HDMI cable mounts, one for each of the camera base plates and their cameras.


There are also Cages for each of the base plates. The base plates have slots on each end designed to accommodate the end of the “U” shaped cage. The cage has a series of ¼”-20 and 3/8” holes tapped around its length to facilitate mounting accessory items such as lights, microphones, etc.


There is also a Cheese Plate for mounting professional camera battery packs for video use as well as wireless microphone receiver cases. In addition, this Cheese Plate accepts the mounting of two weights, a 500g and a 1kg weight. These can be used in conjunction with the shoulder pad and camera, plus other items that may be mounted with the camera, in order to achieve balance when operating ENG style.


The shoulder pad is intended for use with a configuration that mimics an ENG style. Here there would be a set of rails with a set of rail extensions, to double the length of the rails. The camera plate and cage option would be assembled, to provide mounting options for a Shotgun Microphone and Light. The HDMI cable clamp option would securely hold the HDMI cable and an articulating Monitor Mount would be attached to the ¼”-20 threaded hole on the side of the camera plate.


At the rear of the rails, a second cage may be attached and used to mount an audio mixer and recorder. This cage would have a Cheese Bar attaching it to the Camera’s Cage in the front of the rig. At the very rear of the rails a Cheese Plate would be attached and either the 500g or 1kg weight, or both would be added, as needed, for balance. Additionally ENG batteries, such as Anton Bauer, and Wireless Microphone receivers, would be attached to the cheese plate.


At the very front end of the rails, the user may choose to add the Dual Handle option, for added shooting stability during moving shots.